Prank Calls

Prank Calls

One of my favorite past times with Pete & Dave was the prank calls we used to do!

Prank CallsPete was the tech guy so he’d hook up the phone so we’d be able to listen back to the prank call recording.  I was the one with the guts to actually put on a fake voice in order to execute the calls.  Dave was the behind the scenes guy who looked up the right people & the wrong people to call.  I can firmly remember when Dave wasn’t around one day, and I called the wrong person.  I’m lucky that I didn’t get my ass beat after school because we had prank called the High School Bully’s girlfriend.

We didn’t really think things through in those days.  We just made the calls, and said some really stupid stuff on the calls.  Pete’s mother would get the calls back, and then Pete would get yelled at.  Of course Pete was a great liar so he’d get away with it most of the time.  Those were the days.

Developing Guts

Prank calls really helped us develop some guts.  When we would go places later in life it’s easy to notice that we all had “attitudes”.  Having a attitude is often referred to as a negative thing.  I would completely disagree that an attitude is a negative thing.  Michael Jordan had one of the worst attitudes there was.  He was a complete asshole on the court.  Now people refer to him as a legend for his cockiness.  Lebron James doesn’t receive the same love, but that’s another conversation.

Getting my voice up for those prank calls gave the me balls to say anything to anyone.  That’s gotten me in trouble many times, but I’ve been able to get out of trouble just as easily.  Our crew is composed of Pete, Dave and myself.  We get our way when we go somewhere.  Sitting in the bar we’re the kind of people to get a weak drink, and immediately call out the bartender on it.  Nothing is wrong with that.  In modern day having a backbone is often considered a bad thing.  I’d say having a backbone is a huge part of life.  You need to have the guts to defend yourself, your way of thinking, and take what is yours.

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