We Loved FIRE

We absolutely loved lighting stuff on fire.  Honestly, my friends and I regular reminisce to this day about the crazy things we used to light on fire.  We’ve almost got in serious trouble many times for the stupid stuff that we put a flame to.  Often in groups of friends you have the person that’ll do anything, the watcher and the organizer.  I was normally the person that’d be almost anything, my buddy Pete was the organizer, and Dave was the watcher.  When it came down to fire, the roles changed…   All of us wanted to light it!

Just a few fun things we did with fire while growing up:

  • Almost caused our school to go up in flames
  • Made home-made napalm
  • Created home-made gun powder
  • Siphoned the gas out of our stove in a balloon which exploded in the sky (learned that one on the anarchist cookbook!)
  • Smoke bombs in our neighbor’s mailboxes
  • 1/4 Sticks of dynamite miscellaneous activities
  • Fire Crackers galore
  • Bottle Rockets

I’m surprised we never got an arm or a leg blow off, killed, arrested or in serious trouble.

 Best of the Best Fires

Home-made Napalm

You heard that right – we made napalm.  Napalm is actually quite easy to make, because all you need is gasoline and Styrofoam.  You mix them together, and the gasoline slowly dissolves the Styrofoam creating a much thicker liquid.  The liquid is just as flammable, but lasts a lot longer.  It seems like it also burns hotter.  We’d often go to the neighborhood country club to use our concoction. We’d check the area to make sure there was no one around, and then sprint over to one of the holes.  Quickly we’d pour the napalm into the hole, light it on fire and run to a safe location to watch it burn.

The next day the golf team would always have a serious problem on their hands.  More often then not they’d have to replace the hole itself.  They deserved it though – it was a WASP country club that didn’t allow Jews or Blacks.  They got what they deserved.


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