Friends & Business

Friends & Business

BusinessWe did some stupid stuff that as I explained in my last post, that should have got us killed.  It’s funny the friends you do the craziest things with always stick by your side.  To this day, my two friends Pete & Dave are still around.  Our kids have become best friends with their kids, but we hope that they aren’t doing as crazy stuff as we were at that age.

We also do a lot of business together.  Dave owns a personal training business in Brooklyn, NY that is very successful.  He’s very committed to his personal training trade, and has a wall full of certifications.  Dave has been in business in the city for 20 years, and still going strong.  He wakes up at an astonishing 4:30 am every morning to see clients.  Dave is the one man show down there, and doesn’t even have any employees.  “To each, his own” as they would say.  He loves it down there.  I think he’ll be a bachelor for life.  He’s in shape, good looking, well educated and definitely not looking to settle down.

Pete on the other hand took a completely different route.  He decided to create a large business; Pete spent 5 hard years building up his tree service.  Literally 5 years went by, and we did a total of 3 play dates with his kids.  I never saw him during those years.  I’d always call him only to get hurried off the phone.  I can tell you that his hard work sure paid off!  His Tree Service company does very well, because of the hard work he put in.  Pete’s put a lot of effort into his company Tree Removal in Danbury.  His company isn’t the only tree service in the area, but it’s leaps and bounds ahead the the local competition.

Check out his Tree Removal Video:


Friends Share the Wealth

I can’t tell you how many times my buddy Pete saved my butt.  He’s been a lifesaver for me.  I’m an “Entrepreneur” of sorts, and always onto the latest thing.  In the past couple years I’ve learned a lot from Pete’s work ethic.  My finances were very under the weather for a little while there, but Pete helped me out a ton.  He had a bunch of extra chainsaws at work, and instead of selling them on Ebay to the lowest bidder he gave me the opportunity to sell them myself.  The deal was that I was able to keep the difference of what he usually sold them for.  With the time I had on my hands it was cake walk to wait out for a good buyer.  I would be selling chainsaws and other tree service equipment on eBay, Craigslist, and anything else I could get my hands on.

I would even sell them to people around town.  If I saw the words “Tree work” on the side of somebody’s van I would immediately I’d give them a call, and usually sell them the chainsaw.  The little extra $300 every month was a huge help.  My kids were able to go to the movies once in a while.  My wife could bring home take out to the family once a week.  Life was good!

Experiences Create True Friendship

The thing that set apart Pete & Dave from all my other friends throughout my high school & college years was the experiences that we had together.  Running from the police with someone is a life changing experience.  Not only do you have full trust in the other person not to rat you out, but you have a shared experience.  Even joining a fraternity in college didn’t create as good friends as I gained doing crazy things.  All I did with my frat brothers was drink and chase women.  Once in a while one of us would score, and everyone would give them pats on the back.  However besides an occasional pat on the back there wasn’t much camaraderie.

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