Saving the Day

Saving the Day

One thing that Pete was amazing at besides doing his part was saving the day.  He could go above and beyond to get us out of trouble.  I can remember when we were lighting fires at the river behind his backyard, and his weird neighbor heard our firecrackers go off.  Sure enough that old man decided to call the cops, and get Pete’s mom involved.  Knowing that we were very likely to get in trouble Pete decided to get ahead of it.

Pete went right outside, and got wind of the situation.  He said it was the 7th graders from up the street, and that he saw them do it!  His mom was really mad that he had lied to her about having anything to do it originally.  Sure enough he got grounded for a week because he got caught in that white lie.  That white lie sure saved our ass.

The best time we were making our own gun powder for the first time.  We spilled the gun powder accidentally on the carpet, and Pete called up the first carpet cleaner he found in google to get a fee trial.  He literally googled “Carpet Cleaning Stamford” and this guy Eric showed up.  Eric was a real stand up guy; he completely knew what kind of trouble he was saving us from so he decided to just have us clean his van for payment.  Sure enough 30 minutes later Eric left, and we missed some serious ass whooping by Pete’s mom!

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