Doing Your Part

Doing Your Part

A solid team always has committed members who each know their role.  Not only do the team members know their role, but they are able to execute efficiently.  In my post FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!! I mentioned how each one of my friends had their niche.  They had something they were very good at, and stuck with it.  Pete always performed the technical side of things, whether it was recording our prank calls or making gun powder. Dave was the watcher, he didn’t do nearly as much as Pete and I, but he had integral role.  His job was to watch the whole thing and rave about it.  He was also very good with computers so when our pranks took to the internet he was was the expert.

Dave was so good at the internet side of things that he often went on this own and did things without Pete and I.  That wasn’t exactly “doing your part” and we weren’t big fans of that.  One day Pete and I decided to play a prank on Dave.  We were going to put this internet guru to the test, and give him a taste of his own medicine.

AOL – The Early Days

AOLAOL was awesome when it first came out.  We had the latest punters ranging from Atomic and Blue Cross to Pepsi-Cola that would cause your computer to have to reinstall AOL.  I’m laughing to myself right now because we hit this one guy with it three times in a row.  Each time we punted him offline with Pepsi-Cola he would have to reinstall AOL.  We decided we better not get on the internet at the same time as Dave to try and punt him off because we knew that we’d get our asses kicked.

Instead we decided to use someone else to play the prank for us.  We headed into the CTM4M Chat Room, and said 14m Fairfield.  We immediately got about seven different responses.  We let the perverts know that we were looking for phone sex, and wanted to chat.  It was disgusting how quickly we got messages, but it worked to our advantage.  This one guys screen name was BPTRican, and we gave him Dave’s number.

One day later, when we were hanging out and Pete said to Dave “Did anyone weird call you?”.  Dave immediately freaked out saying that some weirdo called his house the yesterday looking for him.  “I knew it was you guys” he blurted as he stomped off into the other room.  We then realized that we fucked up.  That was a messed up thing we did to Dave.

Being Honest

Being honest is the most important part of a friendship.  It was messed up that we played a prank on Dave, and he didn’t deserve it.  We should have just gave him the straight heads up that we wanted to hang out more, and punt people offline together.  I’m sure looking back at that he would be cool us asking him to punt people offline together.  So now I have to give Dave some love, because its the right thing to do.  Dave is an amazing personal trainer who lives in Brooklyn.  He’s really got his stuff together with over 25 different certifications, and tons of great testimonials.

Dave has always been the internet guru so his Facebook following is absolutely amazing.  He runs a blog that gives great tips for people who want to lose weight, feel more confident in their own shoes, and all around live a healthier lifestyle.  I obviously can’t give Pete some love like I did in my Friends & Business post without giving Dave some too.

I have to say that I’m privileged to have two amazing friends since early middle school.  Not many other people can say that.

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