Saving the Day

Saving the Day

One thing that Pete was amazing at besides doing his part was saving the day.  He could go above and beyond to get us out of trouble.  I can remember when we were lighting fires at the river behind his backyard, and his weird neighbor heard our firecrackers go off.  Sure enough that old man decided to call the cops, and get Pete’s mom involved.  Knowing that we were very likely to get in trouble Pete decided to get ahead of it.

Pete went right outside, and got wind of the situation.  He said it was the 7th graders from up the street, and that he saw them do it!  His mom was really mad that he had lied to her about having anything to do it originally.  Sure enough he got grounded for a week because he got caught in that white lie.  That white lie sure saved our ass.

The best time we were making our own gun powder for the first time.  We spilled the gun powder accidentally on the carpet, and Pete called up the first carpet cleaner he found in google to get a fee trial.  He literally googled “Carpet Cleaning Stamford” and this guy Eric showed up.  Eric was a real stand up guy; he completely knew what kind of trouble he was saving us from so he decided to just have us clean his van for payment.  Sure enough 30 minutes later Eric left, and we missed some serious ass whooping by Pete’s mom!

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Dave’s Story

Dave’s Story

To give you a quite interlude in how the crazy man Dave landed in Brooklyn of all places, I made this post.  Dave is a crazy guy, but he’s always on the back end of things.  I was the one who wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger, but Dave would never pull the trigger.  He was a quiet guy, and you’d never think that he’d make a very good personal trainer.  “Personal Trainer Danbury CT” was his exact tagline, and needless to say he killed it.

Before Pete and I knew it, Dave the shy, funny kid was absolutely crushing the personal training scene up in Danbury, Connecticut.

Dave deserves this post, and I felt like he didn’t get the recognition that he deserves in my previous post.

I got you Dave, love you brother!

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Doing Your Part

Doing Your Part

A solid team always has committed members who each know their role.  Not only do the team members know their role, but they are able to execute efficiently.  In my post FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!! I mentioned how each one of my friends had their niche.  They had something they were very good at, and stuck with it.  Pete always performed the technical side of things, whether it was recording our prank calls or making gun powder. Dave was the watcher, he didn’t do nearly as much as Pete and I, but he had integral role.  His job was to watch the whole thing and rave about it.  He was also very good with computers so when our pranks took to the internet he was was the expert.

Dave was so good at the internet side of things that he often went on this own and did things without Pete and I.  That wasn’t exactly “doing your part” and we weren’t big fans of that.  One day Pete and I decided to play a prank on Dave.  We were going to put this internet guru to the test, and give him a taste of his own medicine.

AOL – The Early Days

AOLAOL was awesome when it first came out.  We had the latest punters ranging from Atomic and Blue Cross to Pepsi-Cola that would cause your computer to have to reinstall AOL.  I’m laughing to myself right now because we hit this one guy with it three times in a row.  Each time we punted him offline with Pepsi-Cola he would have to reinstall AOL.  We decided we better not get on the internet at the same time as Dave to try and punt him off because we knew that we’d get our asses kicked.

Instead we decided to use someone else to play the prank for us.  We headed into the CTM4M Chat Room, and said 14m Fairfield.  We immediately got about seven different responses.  We let the perverts know that we were looking for phone sex, and wanted to chat.  It was disgusting how quickly we got messages, but it worked to our advantage.  This one guys screen name was BPTRican, and we gave him Dave’s number.

One day later, when we were hanging out and Pete said to Dave “Did anyone weird call you?”.  Dave immediately freaked out saying that some weirdo called his house the yesterday looking for him.  “I knew it was you guys” he blurted as he stomped off into the other room.  We then realized that we fucked up.  That was a messed up thing we did to Dave.

Being Honest

Being honest is the most important part of a friendship.  It was messed up that we played a prank on Dave, and he didn’t deserve it.  We should have just gave him the straight heads up that we wanted to hang out more, and punt people offline together.  I’m sure looking back at that he would be cool us asking him to punt people offline together.  So now I have to give Dave some love, because its the right thing to do.  Dave is an amazing personal trainer who lives in Brooklyn.  He’s really got his stuff together with over 25 different certifications, and tons of great testimonials.

Dave has always been the internet guru so his Facebook following is absolutely amazing.  He runs a blog that gives great tips for people who want to lose weight, feel more confident in their own shoes, and all around live a healthier lifestyle.  I obviously can’t give Pete some love like I did in my Friends & Business post without giving Dave some too.

I have to say that I’m privileged to have two amazing friends since early middle school.  Not many other people can say that.

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Prank Calls

Prank Calls

One of my favorite past times with Pete & Dave was the prank calls we used to do!

Prank CallsPete was the tech guy so he’d hook up the phone so we’d be able to listen back to the prank call recording.  I was the one with the guts to actually put on a fake voice in order to execute the calls.  Dave was the behind the scenes guy who looked up the right people & the wrong people to call.  I can firmly remember when Dave wasn’t around one day, and I called the wrong person.  I’m lucky that I didn’t get my ass beat after school because we had prank called the High School Bully’s girlfriend.

We didn’t really think things through in those days.  We just made the calls, and said some really stupid stuff on the calls.  Pete’s mother would get the calls back, and then Pete would get yelled at.  Of course Pete was a great liar so he’d get away with it most of the time.  Those were the days.

Developing Guts

Prank calls really helped us develop some guts.  When we would go places later in life it’s easy to notice that we all had “attitudes”.  Having a attitude is often referred to as a negative thing.  I would completely disagree that an attitude is a negative thing.  Michael Jordan had one of the worst attitudes there was.  He was a complete asshole on the court.  Now people refer to him as a legend for his cockiness.  Lebron James doesn’t receive the same love, but that’s another conversation.

Getting my voice up for those prank calls gave the me balls to say anything to anyone.  That’s gotten me in trouble many times, but I’ve been able to get out of trouble just as easily.  Our crew is composed of Pete, Dave and myself.  We get our way when we go somewhere.  Sitting in the bar we’re the kind of people to get a weak drink, and immediately call out the bartender on it.  Nothing is wrong with that.  In modern day having a backbone is often considered a bad thing.  I’d say having a backbone is a huge part of life.  You need to have the guts to defend yourself, your way of thinking, and take what is yours.

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Friends & Business

Friends & Business

BusinessWe did some stupid stuff that as I explained in my last post, that should have got us killed.  It’s funny the friends you do the craziest things with always stick by your side.  To this day, my two friends Pete & Dave are still around.  Our kids have become best friends with their kids, but we hope that they aren’t doing as crazy stuff as we were at that age.

We also do a lot of business together.  Dave owns a personal training business in Brooklyn, NY that is very successful.  He’s very committed to his personal training trade, and has a wall full of certifications.  Dave has been in business in the city for 20 years, and still going strong.  He wakes up at an astonishing 4:30 am every morning to see clients.  Dave is the one man show down there, and doesn’t even have any employees.  “To each, his own” as they would say.  He loves it down there.  I think he’ll be a bachelor for life.  He’s in shape, good looking, well educated and definitely not looking to settle down.

Pete on the other hand took a completely different route.  He decided to create a large business; Pete spent 5 hard years building up his tree service.  Literally 5 years went by, and we did a total of 3 play dates with his kids.  I never saw him during those years.  I’d always call him only to get hurried off the phone.  I can tell you that his hard work sure paid off!  His Tree Service company does very well, because of the hard work he put in.  Pete’s put a lot of effort into his company Tree Removal in Danbury.  His company isn’t the only tree service in the area, but it’s leaps and bounds ahead the the local competition.

Check out his Tree Removal Video:


Friends Share the Wealth

I can’t tell you how many times my buddy Pete saved my butt.  He’s been a lifesaver for me.  I’m an “Entrepreneur” of sorts, and always onto the latest thing.  In the past couple years I’ve learned a lot from Pete’s work ethic.  My finances were very under the weather for a little while there, but Pete helped me out a ton.  He had a bunch of extra chainsaws at work, and instead of selling them on Ebay to the lowest bidder he gave me the opportunity to sell them myself.  The deal was that I was able to keep the difference of what he usually sold them for.  With the time I had on my hands it was cake walk to wait out for a good buyer.  I would be selling chainsaws and other tree service equipment on eBay, Craigslist, and anything else I could get my hands on.

I would even sell them to people around town.  If I saw the words “Tree work” on the side of somebody’s van I would immediately I’d give them a call, and usually sell them the chainsaw.  The little extra $300 every month was a huge help.  My kids were able to go to the movies once in a while.  My wife could bring home take out to the family once a week.  Life was good!

Experiences Create True Friendship

The thing that set apart Pete & Dave from all my other friends throughout my high school & college years was the experiences that we had together.  Running from the police with someone is a life changing experience.  Not only do you have full trust in the other person not to rat you out, but you have a shared experience.  Even joining a fraternity in college didn’t create as good friends as I gained doing crazy things.  All I did with my frat brothers was drink and chase women.  Once in a while one of us would score, and everyone would give them pats on the back.  However besides an occasional pat on the back there wasn’t much camaraderie.

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We Loved FIRE

We absolutely loved lighting stuff on fire.  Honestly, my friends and I regular reminisce to this day about the crazy things we used to light on fire.  We’ve almost got in serious trouble many times for the stupid stuff that we put a flame to.  Often in groups of friends you have the person that’ll do anything, the watcher and the organizer.  I was normally the person that’d be almost anything, my buddy Pete was the organizer, and Dave was the watcher.  When it came down to fire, the roles changed…   All of us wanted to light it!

Just a few fun things we did with fire while growing up:

  • Almost caused our school to go up in flames
  • Made home-made napalm
  • Created home-made gun powder
  • Siphoned the gas out of our stove in a balloon which exploded in the sky (learned that one on the anarchist cookbook!)
  • Smoke bombs in our neighbor’s mailboxes
  • 1/4 Sticks of dynamite miscellaneous activities
  • Fire Crackers galore
  • Bottle Rockets

I’m surprised we never got an arm or a leg blow off, killed, arrested or in serious trouble.

 Best of the Best Fires

Home-made Napalm

You heard that right – we made napalm.  Napalm is actually quite easy to make, because all you need is gasoline and Styrofoam.  You mix them together, and the gasoline slowly dissolves the Styrofoam creating a much thicker liquid.  The liquid is just as flammable, but lasts a lot longer.  It seems like it also burns hotter.  We’d often go to the neighborhood country club to use our concoction. We’d check the area to make sure there was no one around, and then sprint over to one of the holes.  Quickly we’d pour the napalm into the hole, light it on fire and run to a safe location to watch it burn.

The next day the golf team would always have a serious problem on their hands.  More often then not they’d have to replace the hole itself.  They deserved it though – it was a WASP country club that didn’t allow Jews or Blacks.  They got what they deserved.


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Early Days on the Trampoline

Misty Flip

Trampoline Fun

I can remember those early days hanging out on my buddy’s trampoline like they were yesterday.  It was middle school – the drama days.  There was so much drama, uncertainty, and nervousness for everyone else in middle school.  Maybe it was just me, but I felt like those high school days were a lot more difficult.  I spent my days in 6th, 7th and 8th grade doing some really stupid shit.  Admittedly, some really fun shit, but some really stupid shit.

The Trampoline was one of my favorites.  As I hinted to in my about page; I got the name Bisti from my sister making fun of my Misty Flip.  I was practicing my flips on my neighbors trampoline.  My neighbor would always raise a fit whenever she found me on the trampoline.  I lived in a upscale neighborhood, and a rich community.  My next door neighbor didn’t really care if I got hurt or not, but she worried about my lawyer father suing her if I did.  She would call my house everyday, and complain that she caught me playing on the trampoline again.

My mom was the coolest mom in the world.  My mom would never say no to me, because she didn’t believe in it.  She knew it wasn’t worth it to argue with me about going on the trampoline.  So she didn’t – and the lady next door would call everyday.  The next day I’d be on it.  Heck I saw my first pussy on that trampoline when I invited my girlfriend over to play on my friend’s trampoline.  Well it wasn’t exactly my friend’s trampoline, but it was close enough.

Days after school

Everyday after school my friend’s and I would have the same routine.  We’d do one of four things.

  1. Pete’s house for the trampoline
  2. Mountain Biking around town
  3. Hack into people’s computers at home
  4. Light stuff on Fire

Pete’s house

Pete’s house the place to be!  We’d jump off his garage to land on the trampoline, and then do flips.  I was never great at flips, but I had my high jump down.  I could project myself in the air higher than anyone else.  Nor Pete or Dave would be able to catch Bisti in an air born battle.  I was also quite the wrestler, but I would always hurt somebody.  One day we were wrestling after a long bike ride on the trampoline and I broke Dave’s leg.  It was a total accident – I swear.

We joke around about how swollen Dave’s knee was after that day and the fact he roller-bladed home.  Sure enough he was on crutches for the next three months.  I don’t think Dave’s parents were a huge fan of me.  Heck there was nobody’s parents in town that were a huge fan of me.  We were a mess in middle school.  Those were fun times.  The Trampoline was just the tip of the iceberg.  

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Welcome to our blog

Enjoy your stay at Bisti Bad Lands.  Giving my brief “Hello”.  Check back for updated content.

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